Mental Health in the Black Community

By Briana Crowder

Viewers tuned into Fox’s hit TV drama, “Empire,” March 4 to watch as Andre, Lucious Lyon’s eldest son (played by Trai Byers), had a mental breakdown in the show’s 10th episode. In a sneak peak, the network showed that Andre was diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder, a disease that is too often stigmatized, especially in the Black community.  This stigmatization hinders many people from receiving proper treatment, which continues through generations. Mental disorder is something that is treatable, however, it’s not always accessible for everyone. Even with the Affordable Care Act, millions of Americans will continue to have less than enough money to treat their disorder.

Dealing with a mental disorder doesn’t has to be a lonesome journey.  Recently, former Milwaukee Bucks player, Larry Sanders, said in a video interview with The Players Tribune, that “establishing a system of positivity around you—be that family, friends, or art — and allowing yourself the time and space that you need to get better” is very important.

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