A Nightmare Unfolds

By: Miya Jones


A 32-year-old African-American named Kamilah Brock was sent to the psych ward on Sept. 13 after cops allegedly claimed she was lying about owning a BMW.

Brock is filing a lawsuit against the city of New York, unidentified officers, and Harlem Hospital. According to the lawsuit, on Sept. 12, the Long Island native was driving in Harlem and pulled up to a light with her music at a high level. An NYPD officer approached her and asked her why she did not have her hands on the steering wheel. Brock said that she was dancing and that she was at a light.

The officer then asked her to step out of her 2003 BMW 355Ci. She was taken to the NYPD’s 30th precinct where she was eventually let go after a few hours. Brock was told to come back to the station to retrieve her car.

Brock arrived at a police substation to retrieve her car. “I told them [police] I have a BMW they asked me what kind of car it was and from that moment they started looking at me differently like I could not have a BMW,” said Brock to Pix 11. Brock was then put in handcuffs and taken by EMS to Harlem Hospital and committed to the psych ward.

Brock’s attorney, Michael Lamonsoff, seized medical records from the hospital and showed that she was injected with powerful sedatives and was forced to take lithium. Medical records also showed that the hospital tried to get Brock to deny that she owned a BMW, was a banking executive, and that Barack Obama followed her on Twitter. Brock in fact is a banking executive and Obama does follow her on Twitter. Brock remained at the hospital for eight days.

Brock claims her constitutional rights under the 4th and 14th amendments were violated and that she suffered “unwanted and unwarranted intrusion of her personal integrity, loss of liberty [and] mental anguish.”

The NYPD claims that Brock was taken into custody but could not comment due to pending litigation.

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