Presidential Race 2016

By: Miya Jones


With the 2016 presidential election coming sooner than we think, reality TV star Donald Trump and politician Hilary Clinton are leading the way in their parties.

There are a total number of 17 candidates in the Republican Party and according to the HuffPost Pollster, Donald Trump is ahead in the Republican primary with 32.1%. In second place is neurosurgeon Ben Carson with 13.8% of, who has recently bumped politician Jeb Bush out of the second slot. Bush is now in third place with 8.3% in the primary.

Hilary Clinton is leading the Democratic primary with 45.2%. In second place is, current Vice President, Joe Biden with 22% even though he has not officially announced that he will run for president. Following Biden is, Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders with 20%.

All candidates have made their stops in key states such as Iowa and New Hampshire, which are the first two states to elect delegates, who will eventually elect a nominee for the general election.

Despite Trump’s many controversial statements in recent months he is currently is ahead in the Iowa polls by seven points over Carson and by 16 points in New Hampshire over John Kasich according to MSNBC.

Sanders is in the lead in Iowa by seven points and in New Hampshire by nine points over Clinton according to NBC News.

As of now a poll conducted by SurveyUSA on Sept. 4 showed that Trump would defeat all

presidential candidates if the election were held today according to nationwide polling.

Overall Clinton and Trump are the more likely candidates to emerge from their parties, but only time will tell if they will hold those spots for the remainder of the primaries and if Trump will win the general election.

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