OP-ED: The Game and Meek Mill Beef Distracting from the Real Issues

By Naderah Brooks

Instagram: @giftedbrown1


Hip-hop has played a major part in communicating the issues of injustice and racism. The media incorrectly portrays the lives of black people that live in the hood by stereotyping them and labeling them as thugs.

When the world finds ways to tear us down, hip-hop lifts us up. Hip-hop gave us a voice and a platform to stand on. Songs such as, “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy, “F*** The Police” by NWA, and moments even in recent times, like Kendrick Lamar’s performance on the Grammy’s artistically tell the tale of many black people who could not speak for themselves. However, there are pros and cons to the platform that hip-hop provides.

The Game and Meek Mill beef is a topic that is unfortunately all over the media. Allegedly, The Game said that Meek Mill snitched on him by saying that he was responsible for Sean Kingston’s robbery. The pair even took a page out of the old rap playbook and wrote diss tracks about each other. This could be a good way to release tension , but what are the diss records really solving? The media is instigating this senseless beef; meanwhile another unarmed black male was killed recently.


In Tulsa, Oklahoma, an unarmed black man named Terence Crutcher was shot on Friday, Sept. 16. The social justice system does not protect everyone equally. Cops are pulled from areas that do not have a high black population and are thrown into areas where the majority of the population is black. The Game and Meek Mill are both from the hood. Both rappers understand the issue of policing within black communities.
It’s time to end the beef. The Game and Meek Mill are two of the most talked about artists in the media. Both of the artists also have a large following on social media. It’s time for the rappers to step up to the mic and show the world what hip-hop was made for. Right now, the black community does not need to watch two black men tear each other down. What black people need to see is unity.

We need to see positive examples of our black men. The Game and Meek Mill owe it to Crutcher, the black community, and themselves to turn their fighting words into revolutionary words.

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