Luke Cage Overcomes Hardship and Adversity in New Netflix Series

By Takora McIntyre

Facebook: Takora McIntyre

Instagram: @takoramcintyre

There has not been a better time to Netflix and chill until now. Netflix has just released its new Marvel series Luke Cage on Sept. 30. With months of sneak peeks and trailers, season one is finally here with 13 full episodes.

Luke Cage has been an extreme hit for both Marvel and Netflix. Viewers are astonished and love the series.This is not the first time Luke Cage appeared on Netflix. His first appearance was in the Netflix series Jessica Jones. There, Luke Cage gained his own fan group and popularity. A year later, Netflix decided to give him his own show.


The Marvel comic of Luke Cage was created in 1972, and Cage was added to the Avengers list in 2005, but this is still the first time his story has been brought to the screen. The story plot follows an African-American man with a troubling past. He undergoes an experiment that fails. From the foundered experiment, he gains super strength along with unbreakable skin making him almost indestructible. Cage then escapes from being a convict, becomes a fugitive and begins re-building his life in Harlem where he battles through a plethora of hardships, while trying to save his city.


The new television series is extremely significant since the lead character and a handful of the cast are African-American. The show takes place in the heart of Harlem, New York in the urban community. Cage portrays the aesthetically rich culture of the black urban community in Harlem. Much of the show is hip-hop influenced and includes soundtrack filled with hip-hop hits from the 90’s.

Besides the amazing music and great action, the show has a deeper meaning. Cage is a man with extreme power and he maintains his strength in a world of constant oppression. He has the ability to fight through adversity both in his personal life as a man of color and as a superhero. Cage sets the bar high, and gives young brown children a superhero who finally looks like them.

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