The Top 5 Stories in the NFL this Week

By Serenity Bishop

Twitter: @BossLifeBishop


Week 5 of the NFL season was just like the rest. Some fans left the stadium, and turned off their televisions with a smile, other fans left cursing the name of every player and asking themselves why they are fans of their team. Whether your team won or lost, there are five stories from week 5 that all fans should know about.

First off, the Minnesota Vikings could be the Carolina Panthers of last season. Somehow, without the likes of starters Teddy Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson, Matt Kalil, Andre Smith and Stefon Diggs, the Vikings are keeping the train moving. Minnesota is the leagues only undefeated team, but what makes this so surprising is that these are backups who are getting the job done.

The Vikings are bringing out their inner New England Patriots. No matter who goes down, there is a “next-guy-up” mentality. That mentality is truly working. Minnesota has played some quality quarterbacks. Two are super bowl winning quarterbacks, Eli Manning and Aaron Rodgers, one is league MVP, Cam Newton, and the other two are rising stars, Marcus Mariota and Brock Osweiler. Out of all of these top tier quarterbacks, not one has been able to score more than 14 points on this defense. Minnesota has to be the team to watch going forward.

Last week, I stated that Philadelphia was the most surprising team in the NFL. While that may have changed to the Vikings, the Eagles are another story worth knowing about from week 5. The Eagles suffered their first loss of the season last week in a tight battle against the Detroit Lions. The factor that’s more important than the loss is the fact that Carson Wentz has proven he is the quarterback of the future.


Wentz did throw his first interception, but he also threw for 238 yards and threw two touchdowns to go along with it. Wentz ended the day with a 103.5 quarterback passing rating and if not for a last second go ahead kick from the Lions, he would have a win as well. Wentz showed that he has a short memory, which is such a great characteristic to have as a young quarterback. Next week, the Eagles will take on the Vikings to show who is really the most surprising team in the league. It should be a great one to see.

The next storyline was in the paper all week. It simply read “Brady is Back.” Let’s be honest, the Patriots were doing just fine without Tom Brady, but with him back, they walked all over Cleveland. Cleveland is down to their fifth string quarterback, but the way Brady torched them, there is seemingly no hope for the Browns. However, Brady has brought so much hope back to the Patriots and to my fantasy team.


Brady is going against the Cincinnati Bengals next week and if his 406 yards and three touchdowns are any indication, the Bengals are in for a very long day. Although a long day for Cincinnati, isn’t that uncommon. The Bengals got embarrassed last week in Dallas. The game was over well before the final whistle blew.

Dallas’ rookies, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, had a field day against Cincinnati’s defense or lack thereof. The quarterback of the future in Dallas, and the NFL’s league leading rusher, got off to a quick start and put up early against the Bengals. They never looked back. Going into the half, Dallas was up 21-0. On the first play of their first possession, Elliott sealed the game by hitting a gap in the Bengals defense and taking it 60 yards to the house.

Former Bengals wide receiver, Chad Johnson says, it was just one bad game, but perhaps it was more than that for Cincinnati and possibly the coming out party for Dallas.


Lastly, going back to the Carolina Panthers, their season is in trouble. Last year, the bandwagon was so real. Everyone crowned the Panthers as the next team to make the jump to becoming a dynasty. It didn’t happen. The Panthers are now 1-4 and wondering where all those fans went. The Panthers don’t have the super bowl hangover that true Panther fans may look to as a cause. The simple reason why the Panthers are not as good as they were last year, is because they took the league by surprise last season. No one thought about them as a true contender until it was too late.

Fast-forward to the off-season, the Panthers lost more than they gained. Whether they thought Newton would carry the team once again or not, it hasn’t worked out this year and statically speaking, teams who start with a 1-4 record, don’t make the playoffs very often. The Panthers have a long list of things to correct if they want to make the playoffs again.

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