Meek Mill Makes a Comeback with “Dreamchasers 4”

By Serenity Bishop

Twitter: @BossLifeBishop  

When you first listen to Meek Mill’s album “DC4”, you may not like it. It’s a typical Meek Mill album. Although, the more you listen to it, the more that becomes the exact reason why you love it. This is the type of album that you put on at the gym and just let the whole thing play. It will give you energy and keep you motivated.

Personally, I have some favorites, but lets start at the beginning.

The album starts off with the song “On the Regular”. If you can get through the annoying chorus of him saying “regular” repeatedly, the song is actually pretty good. The way Meek raps on the track gets you ready to go. In theory, the song is supposed to get you ready for the rest of the album, but if you’re starting your gym workout with something light or a quick run, it’ll get you in the mood if you’re lacking motivation.

After “On the Regular” comes “Blessed Up”, one of my personal favorites. Unlike “On the Regular”, “Blessed Up” has a way better chorus. “I got God watching over me from courtside/balling like I’m Jordan comes I’m blessed up.” As soon as that track comes on, that’s the moment you hit the squat rack and put on as much weight as you can. Be sure to put the weight back down once the chorus ends though. The song slows down a lot once the verse starts. It’s one of the better songs on the album, but in terms of the gym, you may lose that edge during the verses.

Of course, the gym reference doesn’t apply to everyone, but “Blessed Up” is one of the top songs on this album.

Coming in at number three is “Litty”. This song brings a fresh new voice onto the album with a feature from Tory Lanez. It’s a classic upbeat Meek Mill song. It was made even b      etter because it’s a clear diss track to Drake. Meek and Tory Lanez both have beef with Drake, so with the two collaborating, it had to be a great song, and they accomplished that with this song. The great part about this song isn’t just the fact that Lanez kills the chorus, Meek’s verses come directly at Drake.

Meek may have taken the early loss when “Back to Back” came out, but he’s definitely back with this track.

The next song “Shine” slows it down right before Meek goes back in with “Froze” a song he collaborated on with Lil Uzi Vert and Nicki Minaj. This song brings Meek Mill into a more modern-day style of music. Minaj and Meek maintain a hard gangster rap style, while Lil Uzi Vert brings a more fun and lighter style of music on the chorus that himself, Lil Yachty and D.R.A.M. are famous for.

Meek Mill put two back-to-back hits together when he plays “The Differences” featuring Quavo. The features that he has on this album are put into place very well. With having just Meek Mill on a song, it gets boring, but also having features that all sound the same, sounds equally as boring after a while. Each feature on this album has a very distinct voice. It makes you want to continue listening to it.

Meek slows the pace down with slower songs like “Lights Out”,” Blue Notes” and “Offended” featuring Young Thug and 21 Savage. Even though they are slower songs, they’re some of the better songs on the album. Although “Offended” would be so much better if 21 Savage’s verse was just cut out. His verse kills the flow of the song.

After that, Meek introduces us to his cool and laid back flow in “You Know” featuring YFN Lucci. This song is the type of song you roll down your windows and vibe to in the car. It is a bit ironic because Meek Mill is usually pretty hype in his songs. It’s a nice change-up to the album.

Following “You Know” is a trio of very underrated songs. “Way up”, “Two Wrongs” and “Tony Story 3” are songs that bring you back to that original Meek. The type of songs he made when he first came onto the music scene. They come just in time before Meek brings the voice of Lil Snupe back in the Outro. Lil Snupe passed away due to two gunshot wounds in the torso, however, Meek brought the young rappers voice back in his Outro.

The Outro concludes another great album by Meek. At first, you may think he could have done better, but the more you listen to it, you realize that it’s a great album. Stream the project below.

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