Cheap Christmas Gift For Under $25

By Naderah Brooks

Instagram: @giftedbrown1 

Christmas is literally right around the corner. A lot of us are weighed down by responsibilities, and may not be able to put a lot of time, thought, or coins into buying our loved ones gifts. Luckily, there are great ways to shower to your loved ones with memorable gifts that don’t break the bank.

Shopping For Your Significant Other

Shopping for your bae can be nerve-racking, because you want your beloved to have the best of the best. If you’re shopping for her, there is a little something called the gifts section on the Ulta website. Ulta is a beauty retailer that sells beauty staples online or at your local retail store.

The beauty of shopping online is that you can read the reviews and judge by the number of ratings to see if the product is a good investment. A few items to buy are the Philosophy on-the-go with Grace lotion set for $11 and the Mr. Bubble Sweet and Clean Ladies Night In Giftset for $8.

If you’re shopping for him go for Sheamoisture Shave: Shea Butter Beard and Skin Protector for $6.99 and Sheamoisture shave: Shea Butter Anti-Aging moisturizer Face Cream for $6.99. The brightside is that if you buy two Sheamoisture shave items, you’ll receive a third item for free.

Family Gifts

Let’s face it, your parents and grandparents have supported you throughout your college career. The time and money that is invested in your success is priceless. You may want to buy the best gift that money can buy, but that may not be within your budget. No worries, Bath and Body Works has great scents that your family will appreciate.


Bath and Body Works has three wick candles that are selling for $12.50. A few relaxing scents to try out are Lemon Verbena, Eucalyptus Spearmint, and Sweet Cinnamon Spice. To add some style, throw in some candle sleeves for 10.50 like the Enamel Tree.


Sibling Stocking Stuff

The best part about siblings is that you can’t live with them or without them. A cool way to save money on their gifts is to buy stocking stuffers. For younger siblings, Party City is a great place to shop. Your younger brother will enjoy the Minecraft Survival Set for $14.99, and your sister will love the Doc McStuffins Puzzle set for 9.99.

If your siblings are older H&M is a great option. Your sister will enjoy a stylish sweater that can be worn for multiple occasions such as the Teal Green Knit Sweater for $12.99. For your brother, a Hooded Sweater for $ 24.99 will keep him warm and cozy during the holidays.

Here are just some of the many gifts you can get for under $25. Good luck shopping!

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