Farewell Obamas (OP-ED)

By Chántelle Agbro


Instagram: @kalonxx

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Dear Mr. and Mrs. Obama,

Words honestly can’t express the bittersweet feeling I have about this post and this legacy. It is with great joy that I have had the honor to call you my President and First Lady in 2016.

The service, sacrifices, leadership, poise, and sophisticated example that you provided for so many will not go in vain. I have come to understand this country so much better the past few years, and the emphasis that you have put on being in touch with yourself, loving yourself and your culture, will always speak volumes.

I could say so much more, but the bottom line is that although I haven’t met you, you have touched me and so many other people with your genuine and sincere concern for our future. Individuals who know and can comprehend that their purpose on this earth is bigger than them are the real MVP, which is without a doubt the both of you.

I love you, I appreciate you and I respect you. You will be deeply missed, and even though these words don’t suffice for the true gratitude that I have, I really want to say, THANK YOU for everything, and I really mean every little thing!

I pray that God blesses me with an unconditional, unwavering and resilient love, and bond, that you two share. You are the breath of fresh air, hope and joy that comes in the morning after we have all wept.


Your Future Successor!

#LoveAndHappiness #ThankYouObama #MyPresidentIsBlack #ImBlackAndImProud #POTUS #FLOTUS #Inspiration #TheChosenOnes #GodSpeed

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