Not Our First Family


By: Cherea Hatcher


The latest issue of the top women’s magazine in the country proved it is actually extremely out of touch with reality. Last week a slew of Cosmo readers took to twitter to express their disgust for Cosmopolitan calling the Kardashians “America’s First Family.”

Aside from blatantly disrespecting the Obama family, Cosmo left its readers wondering what warranted the celebrity family that title. Was it 15 year-old Kylie getting temporary lip fillers and only admitting it to her “fans” after months of denial and social speculation? Or perhaps that Kim Kardashian has only maintained her relevance through sexual scandals and numerous love affairs with high profile men?

The Kardashians have done nothing for the American people except allow us to watch as they wave the luxuries we dream of, in our faces. In a society where 70 percent of girls between ages 15 and 17 avoid going to school when they feel bad about their looks; Kim Kardashian maintains an app that teaches girls their value is based solely upon their social status. However, they are coined television’s first family.

Their show, which subtly reminds viewers they cannot keep up with their lavish endeavors, has repeatedly been the top watched show on cable television.

Cosmo’s next cover must be something that will redeem their credibility after a choice that has indicated nothing to readers except their ignorance.

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