Temple vs Tulane

By: Aaron Ball


For this year’s Temple homecoming, the Owls swam their way through the Green Waves of Tulane, backstroking their way to an easy 49 to 10 win. The Owls trailed by three in the first quarter, but Quarterback PJ Walker had something to say about that as he tosses a twenty-two yard touchdown to Robby Anderson to end the quarter.

After the touchdown, Temple never looked back as running back Jahad Thomas led the Owls in the first half by scoring two touchdowns in the second quarter! The cherry and white were not only executing on the offensive end but the defensive as well. Martin Oguike forced two fumbles, holding Tulane to a total of ten points for the first half.

As soon as the second half began, The Owls defense was still in the driver’s seat as Sean Chandler high stepped into the end zone for a pick six! However the plundering did not stop there for Tulane, as running back Ryquell Armstead ran in two touchdowns during the course of third quarter.

The first touchdown was after the Owls intercepted the ball from the Green Waves. To everyone’s surprise, Tulane’s quarterback then threw another interception on the ensuing drive as Armstead drove the rock passed the pylon at the end of the third quarter. It seems as though the Owls never turned back in their pursuit of total domination over Tulane.

Now let’s just hope they can keeping piling big numbers on the boards as they take each opponent one at a time while on their hunt to national championship.

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