Missouri University: A Call to Action

By: Naderah Brooks


The University of Missouri is being criticized about how it is handling the issue of racism on the campus. According to CNN, there were acts of racism on campus such as the usage of the “N-word” and a swastika drawn in feces on a bathroom stall. The university did not respond immediately to these incidents. The recent  terroristic threats to Black students made by, 19-year-old, Matt Hunter followed these events and sparked major controversy and received media coverage on campus.

Fox News reported, that there was not a major threat on campus, however, students as well as faculty, are taking proper precautions to ensure their safety. Students have responded by organizing protests for change and equality. A student group on campus called, Concerned Student 1950, attempted to get a response from the, previous school president, Tom Wolfe but, were not successful. The student group petitioned for the resignation of Wolfe. He resigned on November Monday 9, 2015.

The Missouri Tigers football team has also joined the frontline of protest. The team allegedly issued a statement saying that they would not play in the play against the Brigham Young University Cougars in the Kansas City stadium. The team would’ve been forced to pay a $1 million dollar fine if they did not play. Although, news of the president’s resignation was an incentive for the team to play on Saturday November 14, As students are taking on leadership roles to challenge and question the authority of officials, changes are being made that will affect how universities will treat students of color.

We should all stand in solidarity with Missouri University because the incidents could have taken place at any university in America. During this time students of color must stand up against racial intolerance by protesting and putting racism on campus in the limelight. Despite the fact that students of color attend universities across America, we are all one.

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