Student Organization Spotlight: Student Hip Hop Organization (SHHO)

By: Ashley Caldwell

TABJ’s student org of the week is the Student Hip-Hop Organization (SHHO). The organization serves as a platform for students to showcase their talent, network, and to share their love for Hip-Hop. SHHO, which has been active since 2012, was a “low-scale” org. Now, they’re making major headwaves this year with programs that interest all students. Programs include networking events, concerts, rap battles and more.

These programs allow students to perform live in front of their fellow TU Owls and get noticed on Temple’s campus. “SHHO is a family,” said Kia Noyan, SHHO’s Secretary. “We really just want to help people. We want to help producers meet rappers, rappers meet rappers, and so on.”SHHO also gives its members access to members-only networking events, raffles for concert tickets and more.

Another reason SHHO is spotlighted this week is because they prioritize students’ education over the org, according to Noyan.“We all love SHHO so much, but we know that we are students first,” Noyan said. So, if you’re interested in finding out more about SHHO or when their programs and events are, email

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