Black Knights Prove they are Army Strong

By Serenity Bishop

To most people around the country, Friday, Sept. 2 was just another day. In Philadelphia, it was the day Temple fans have all waited for. This game was more like a war, and like most wars, it featured the United States military.

The Black Knights marched onto the field of Lincoln Financial Center that night to battle the Temple Owls in their week one season opener. Football was back!

As every Temple student rushed into the stadium to try and find the closest seat possible, there were only a couple thoughts on the Temple players’ minds; one, win the game and two, prove to the student body and the country, that last season’s success wasn’t a fluke.

To be honest, a real argument can be made to say that the fans were more excited about this game than the actual players. Fans of all ages waited for hours outside of the stadium. These “die hard” fans welcomed their team into the stadium, tailgated and even celebrated with the Temple’s marching band.

What looked like a great night in Philadelphia, started off a bit rocky. Both the Owls and the Black Knights put up zero points on the scoreboard going into the second quarter. Then sophomore running back, Ryquell Armstead, scored the first touchdown of the game and put Temple on top.

Army quickly responded on the next drive and showed Temple that their reign on top would not last long. After an Army touchdown, the Owls had to settle for only two field goals for the rest of the game.

The Black Knights took charge and scored three more touchdowns. They also intercepted Phillip Walker three times. On the same day, Walker went down in history as the leading passer in Temple history, yet the Owls still fell to the Knights.

While most of the crowd left before the final whistles blew, both teams were rewarded at the end of the game. Despite the early effort to keep Army down, the Black Knights really proved to be Army strong. Army stayed true to the triple option and were rewarded with a victory. The Owls were rewarded as well; week two.

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