4 Reasons Why You Should Vote in This Year’s Elections

By Hadiyah Weaver


1. The Above Picture Should Be Enough

It’s 2016, and the upcoming election is looking pretty intense. We are about to experience history once again when we either see the first ever woman elected as president, or the man that we call Donald Trump elected as president. Currently, the polls have Clinton in the lead, but that is subject to change.


2. Your Vote Really Does Count

We live in a democracy, meaning we hold a lot of power as citizens. Many times, young people believe that our vote doesn’t count. Although the people in the electoral college are the ones who get to decide our president, our vote truly does count. According to electproject.org, young people between 18-29 have the lowest voter turnout. Yet, we are the ones constantly complaining about our government.

If we voted, our voter participation would increase, and guess what? Our official leaders will see this and begin to appeal to us young people. Officials want votes, so who are they more than likely trying to please? The people that vote for them. If you aren’t voting, then you aren’t someone they are trying to please. If you want higher minimum wage, vote. If you want everyone to be able to go to college for free, vote.

3. Vote in Local Elections

The Electoral College are the people who really get to decide our president. A lot of people will be mad at this fact, and completely turn down voting in the presidential election. However, make sure to vote in your state election, that way you get to decide who gets to decide who becomes the president. Makes sense?


4. Please… Just Do It.

This is a huge year, and literally every vote matters. Don’t be the complainer that didn’t vote, be the complainer that actually did vote. I know, I wish that Beyoncé ran for president this year, too, but maybe she will in the next one. For now, we need to focus on the current election so make sure your voice is heard, and vote!

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